On a stormy night while watching lightning outside, my wife and I came up with the ideas that formed Guardians Knot. Our first creations were 4 graphic novel style episodes. Some of the art from these are featured in the CORE RPG. These episodes were based in the 2nd age, around the characters Nimalius and Drakson Grom, with a special episode on the father, Brengar ‘The Bloodcoat’ Grom. The current day in set in the 3rd age.

Guardians Knot is a play on the concept of the Gordian Knot. The Guardian, an old god lives inside of Goria maintaining the strands throughout the land. When these strands fall out of balance, so does Goria. Maintaining balance is a futile ongoing battle and is never fully achieved. Instead, all things move in cycles.

In an RPG group years later, I ran our friends through a set of prototype adventures set in the 2nd age. This would be the foundations for the humans arriving in Goria, and later lay the foundations for the human kingdom of Tir’Asfel.

In 2019 I began fully developing the CORE RPG and new adventures for release. I believe story telling is a very powerful tool and find writing and illustrating the adventures very fulfilling. At the moment, there is a 8 part saga planned for release, and a second saga laid out to follow. I will also be working on supplementary releases to expand options for groups.

The CORE RPG was designed so that once players and GMs have learnt the basic mechanics, it takes a back seat, allowing for the roleplay and storytelling to take focus. The adventures build upon each other, and an ever unfolding karmic story is bound to happen, unique for every group.

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