Guardians Knot

Gather your group and venture forth into the dark unforgiving lands of Goria. The Guardians Knot CORE RPG contains everything a Game Master and group needs to get started. It offers generous player progression and a toolkit for Game Masters to go completely off script and cater for all types of avenues meaning no two groups should experience an adventure the same way.

Regularly released adventures provide inspiring stories for your group to enjoy. Player actions will build their reputations and effect the way certain groups and individuals will treat them. They will also heavily influence the global story and experience their own hero’s journey.

Guardians Knot is an ongoing project created and produced by UK based fantasy artist Greg Taylor.


  • Intuitive, to the point and logical for Players and Game Masters.
  • Meaningful character progression with 9 archetypal paths.
  • Fast paced with unhindered play and exciting D6 mechanics.
  • Individual and group tactics for dynamic, savage battles.
  • Designed for Game Masters who enjoy improvisation.
  • Resource rich to enable complete tangent adventuring.


  • Gripping stories in an ancient savage land of mystery.
  • Meaningful choices with consequences that alter the story.
  • A plethora of unique monsters to encounter.
  • Nail biting weather mechanics.
  • Night Watch encounters to give you nightmares.
  • Overarching stories for groups to discover and influence.


Begin your saga here and carve your own path through Goria.

Core RPG (Players & GMs)

Includes everything needed to get started with plenty of resources to enable keen groups to enjoy meaningful and exciting adventures.

1. The Seas of Goria

Was it the fame, riches or lust for exploration of the savage forgotten land that lured you aboard the Mydras Glow? Your group set sail to Goria.

2. The Forest and the Seer

It is evident soon enough that this land is not for the weak. Their ways are primal, and for some reason the Bearnok take you to their Seer.

3. The Old Ways

A mysterious tribe arrives, one that follows the old ways and is completely uninfluenced by the humans of Tir’Asfel. Will there be peace?

Coming Soon

Check out the Blog for updates on new releases.

4. The Pale Terror

An unexpected event calls for an urgent mission where many uncomfortable realities are realised. Will you succumb to the whispers?

The Wilds of Goria

This first Pack includes a number of day and night encounters for you to add into your adventures, or use them to create whole new ones.