Greg Taylor Art

Welcome to my website, I’m Greg and I live in the United Kingdom. I became a freelance artist back in 2007 and have since enjoyed providing artwork to many great people.

I am happy to take on singular small commissions, all the way up to whole project arrangements. I insist on great communication with my clients, so that I can do my best to materialise their ideas, usually done over email or voice chat. Small personal projects are welcomed and usually are arranged as ‘personal use’. Commercial clients are usually granted an exclusive, perpetual license to use how they please within the confines of their project.

My choice of mediums differs depending on the nature of the work, however I am always happy to do what my clients wish. A lot of my work is painted digitally, however I do a lot of traditional drawing and oil painting also.

As seen with my portfolio, I can provide a number of styles. There are options for fast loose work which is ideal when the style is preferred, or a lot of conceptual art at a lower budget is required. Refined work entails a lot more planning and time spent, to achieve a great piece of art, these are great for covers and tend to cost more. I can also produce other types of artwork for insertion in games, covers or other unique projects.

If you’re interested in working with me, please email gregtaylorart (at) Thanks!

You can find more of my work / updates at:


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